About the company

Euroleki is a specialised medical wholesaler which offers a wide range of medical products and equipment, blood glucose test strips and meters, wound care products, and accessories for children.

As result of our many years of experience, our highly professional team is always ready to serve our clients and always endeavours to meet their needs.

We aim to provide the highest quality standards by meeting the GDP (Good Distribution Practise) requirements.

Our customers are our priority!

We are open to new ideas and solutions, so as to achieve the highest possible standards and hence fulfil your expectations.

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Ewelina Małecka

Sales Director

Patrycja Zatorska

Sales Department

Monika Adamczyk

Sales Department

Szymon Pawlicki

Sales Department

Aneta Zając

Sales Administration Department


Euroleki is a Polish company with its registered office in Łódź. As a medical wholesaler, the company attaches supreme importance to quality and security.

Euroleki operates in line with the Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice for the purchase, transportation, storage and sale of medicinal products, as well as the procedures governing the handling of complaints concerning such products and for the recall of medicinal products from the market.

The company has a modern warehouse, in which the experienced team of qualified professionals fulfils the tasks allocated by the Warehouse Manager. The storage areas and the manner in which medical products are transported ensure that the products are always stored under appropriate conditions.

It is the responsibility of each employee working at the Euroleki warehouse to ensure that their own conduct conforms to the clear and fair rules. The company only purchase and sells branded products of high quality, and effectively seeks to improve the working methods and equipment, thereby fulfilling all the commitments.

The Quality Policy was developed by Euroleki in such a way as to provide customers with medicinal products and medical devices meeting the highest quality standards.

Quality documentation:


  • Euroleki GK Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
    ul. Św. Teresy od Dzieciątka Jezus 111
    91-222 Łódź, POLAND

    NIP/VAT no: PL947-19-26-322

  • Phone:
    +48 42 61 32 835

    +48 667 947 807

  • euroleki@euroleki.eu
  • Office hours 8 – 16 CET
    Dostawcza 17
    93-231 Łódź

    Warehouse hours 8 – 16 CET
    Lodowa 106A
    93-232 Łódź
    mobile: +48 42 64 93 001

    Piotr Kuropatwa
    Warehouse Manager
    mobile: +48 697 262 448

    Marcin Borek
    Quality Person
    mobile: +48 605 695 525